Ramadan: Kudrat Tasks Women To Remain Virtues

Zakaa Lazarus, Abuja.

The Auditor General for the Area Councils Abuja , Hajyia Kudrat Abduhamid, has on Saturday tasked women to remain virtue in everything they do.

Kudrat stated this in Abuja, during the second edition of Ramadan Weekly Lectures held by the women Wing of Al- Habibiyyah Islamic Society.

Speaking with newsmen after the lectures, Kudrat who also doubles as the Chairperson of the event, said the gesture was to talk to women plainly on those things that affect them and those virtues that are expected of a woman and how to raise their families

“It a programme organized by women for the women, and the essence is to get to talk to ourselves plainly on those things that affect us as women, and thank God for the resource person in person of Haijya Halima Sani who is a Dawa woman, she was able to tell in plain terms those things, those values, those virtues that are expected of a woman and how to make our homes and how to leave in our homes and how to raise our families.

“Because what is happening in the world at large now is as a result of wrong parenthood, children don’t get the attention of there parent and they are left in the custody of other people to take care of them, like the care givers and the care givers are not better than even the children they are taking care of.

Speaking further Kudrat stressed that the guest lecturer was able to drive home the point she said: “as women, we have roles and responsibility to play in our homes and we must be able to do certain things in other to fulfill all obligations of been a woman and those are the virtues of a woman we must be able to take care of our homes, take care of our heart, mind, and body, even take care of our husband’s, children and anything that has to do with our environment must be of concern and interest to us,” she added.

“So this is very very important, so we thank her very much and also thank the organizers of this event because it has really given the massage and delivered so there was teaching and learning so everybody to the best of our ability are satisfied

When asked to react on the death of the gospel singer, Osinachi, Kudrat said: “it is unfortunate, but there are so many of such instances now happening around our homes, most women you see outside are going through all manner of emotional abuses, abuse physically, and most of the time mentally, it unfortunate that we have gotten to this level, but the environment is what is most responsible for this, and if you go through what the stories of the late singer is you will feel sorry for womanhood, because the man definitely out of his senses, he is not a normal person, because for a man who will get up to start beating a woman to start nakeding his own wife before his children and gathering the children to join in beating their mother it is most inhuman, so it is something that has been done out of insane mind.

“So it is unfortunate that such things are happening but it must be investigated to get to the root of it, and let the culprit be punished, so that it will serve as deterrent to other men to carry out such things”, she noted.

On her part, the guest lecturer, Hajyia Halima Sani, stressed that the lecture was to educate women about their dignity and to treat the misconceptions about womanhood.

“The central massage was about the dignity of a woman, to treat some misconceptions of people especially from the Western countries especially the feeling that women are been oppressed.

“That a Muslim woman is not free, she rendered to be relegated to the home, has nothing to offer or not educated and her education is limited within the home, the Qur’an mentioned the woman from the beginning to the end, the Prophet spoke good about the women, in act of worship and earning rewards women are equal just like the men, whatever she does she earn and she can excel to earn Paradise, the same way the man, but interns of other things like going out socializing with people a woman is given a particular role which is suitable for her nature,” she added.

“It’s high time women should take professions that is suitable to their nature, so that they can have more time at home. if the home is comfortable everyone is comfortable because the woman makes it comfortable,” she noted.

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