PERL,  KAD-LGAM Grills Media, Others on Service Delivery 

PERL,  KAD-LGAM Grills Media, Others on Service Delivery


By: Femi Mustapha


The Kaduna Local Government Accountability Mechanism (KAD-LGAM,) with support from Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL), a Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO), a UK-supported governance program, has engaged the media and other stakeholders on the strategic plan and develop citizen’s report card for tracking service delivery.


Speaking at the occasion, in Kaduna on 14th November, 2023 , the State Team Lead of PERL,  Abel Adejor, said the engagement was a meeting to support media dialogue on strategic plans and develop citizen’s report cards for tracking service delivery.


According to him, a strategic plan should provide the foundation for a Civil Society Organization’s (CSO) realistic and cost-effective economic development efforts and reinforce its commitment to achieving and maintaining those efforts.

Participants at the engagement

Abel stressed that CSOs must realize that strategic plans take centre stage in their activities because it shows that they recognize the need to do things differently than they were done in the past, in other words, to become efficient and progressive to compete in the global marketplace.


In his presentation on the Kaduna Mutual Accountability Framework (KMAF,) Adejor said, the  State Government and the United Kingdom had signed a six-month Mutual Accountability Framework (MAF), a blueprint for socio-economic development covering economic transformation, governance, health, education, and social protection.


He however said FCDO is preparing another Kaduna Mutual Accountability Framework that would engage different accountabilities in different thematic areas fit into.


He assured Civil Society Organisations, that their inputs will be put into consideration in the agreement.

Participants at the engagement

Given the objectives of the meeting, Mr. Yusuf Ishaku Goje of KAD-LGAM said, the objective of the dialogue is to acquaint media partners and other stakeholders with the strategic direction and priorities of KAD-LGAM.



He added that it is to develop a media work plan to amplify the implementation and results of the strategic plan.


“Brainstorm  strategies to deliver citizens report cards; review and align civil society priorities with Kaduna Mutual Accountability Framework (KMAF,)”  he concluded.


While presenting the 2023 half-year performance, Seth, Luke of KAD-LGAM said, that even though the Community Development Charter (CDC,) has been on the ground for a while, it looks like some Local Governments have not yet keyed into it and he also expressed dismay that citizen’s contribution in their community in some Local Government is not encouraging which is a wake-up call for the media and other stakeholders.

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