Apostle Yakubu urges Nigerians to let go of negativity 

Apostle Yakubu urges Nigerians to let go of negativity



By:  Femi  Mustapha


The senior pastor, of House of Purpose Ministry U/Sunday Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Apostle Yakubu Yusuf has admonished Nigerians to let go of negativity for their good and the country.



He asserted this during the  Thanksgiving services of the 2023 National Purpose Fire Convention with the theme:” The Wealthy Place”. Held in Kaduna on 12th November 2023.


He said it was important to shun negative spirits and embrace God for a new beginning in life as individuals and a country.



Quoting the Book of Proverbs 23:7 the Clergy said “As a man  thinks in his heart so he is”, he therefore encouraged Nigerians to put on a positive mental attitude to overcome challenges that would come their way



Apostle Yakubu added that positive mental attitudes that are coupled with strategic planning and backed up with spiritual direction would not be overemphasized in these challenging times.



Speaking on the trying period Nigerians are passing through, the  Clergy said that the citizens must draw closer to God, stressing that transformation of their mind will lead to change that will impact the nation.

Caption: Voice of Purpose ministering during the Thanksgiving

He said: “You cannot do that naturally, you need the supernatural God to help you. He can make changes happen.”


The Pastor said Nigerians need God at this time, adding that God is not far away, to change the agony of the time.



The cleric also advised politicians to ask themselves why they were elected into offices and put God in their undertakings, stressing that the church celebrated “God of the Bible” because the Almighty deserves glory, honour, and celebration for His numerous divine interventions in the affairs of man.


According to him, testimonies abound among his members during the Convention on the wonderful things God has done and how He has interfered, healed the sick, and rescued some members from the jaws of death.


Similarly, the  Chairman of the Church 2023 Convention Planning Committee, Deacon Ephraim Musa urged Nigerians especially, Christians to desist from using negative words to describe how things would unfold for them, but to speak faith to their lives so that they would get to their wealthy  place



He also counseled that Nigerians should not give up on their country, but should believe that things will get better when they focus on God and do that which is expected of God from them by loving each other and making use of the resources God has blessed the nation with.



In her reaction Deaconess Comfort  Musa Anche urges Nigerians especially Christians, to begin to have a mindset of progressive change which can only take effect from within the mind.


According to her Progressive changes cannot take effect without a change in the mind”

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