Nigerian Army Debunks Military Lockdown Over Covid 19

By Lazarus Zakaa, Abuja

The Nigerian Army has debunked  links to possible Nationwide wide lock down on Thursday March 27 as a result of the dreaded Covid-19.

Army Director of media and public relations Colonel Musa Sagir disclosed this in a statement released to press on Wednesday evening.

According to Col. Sagir; “to put the record straight, the document being quoted was a proactive directive for the Nigerian Army to prepare for possible escalation of the COVID -19 based on the happenings around the world on the pendemic.

Colonel Sagir said, the misinterpretation that Government is locking down the entire country and pulling out the Army by Friday 27 March 2020 is utterly false and baseless.

“The NA considers the publication and negative interpretation being given the content of the Classified document containing information meant for the Nigerian Army personnel as a violation of the Official Secret Act.”

He added that the NA will continue to be professional, proactive and responsive in support of the Constitution, Democracy and Government of NIGERIA in line with its constitutional mandate of providing aid to civil authority when called upon to do so. The NA will leave no stone unturned to prepare to support the civil authority in times of emergencies of national magnitude. The mischief of some unpatriotic few will not dissuade the Nigerian Army from working with sister services, the Nigeria Police and other security agencies to keep NIGERIA Safe.

He urged the general public to discountenance the publication going round that the Federal Government is locking down NIGERIA by Friday 27 March 2020 on the basis of the content of the directive to military formations to take proactive measures to prepare for possible call out to assist civil authority in the case of COVID-19 getting worse in the Country.

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