Advocate Harps on Genotype Test to Curb Sickle Cell Anemia

Advocate Harps on Genotype Test to Curb Sickle Cell Anemia


By: Edirin Robinson


The founder of the Sickle Cell Patient Health Promotion Centre (SCPHPC,) Hajiyya Badiya Inuwa has said that the solution to the issue of sickle cell disease is for couples to do a compatibility test before marriage.

She asserted this in her address during the presentation of drugs at SCPHPC by members of the Rotary Club with support from Jam’yyas Matan Arewa, Ishara Pharmacy and Hearing Support Foundation in Kaduna, yesterday.

According to the founder, the issue of sickle cell thrives in African countries mostly due to the low level of awareness about the disease and its challenges.

The Sickle Cell advocate stressed that such ignorance has led to the loss of many young lives while others who survived the crisis at a young age, are still battling with pain both in health and finances due to the cost of the drugs.

She therefore admonished intending couples to do a compatibility test before marriage, or else they risk giving birth to a sick child.

Hajiyya Badiya also expressed her gratitude to the Organizations for their display of love and support to the less privileged sicklers through their donations of drugs and clothing as well as the free counselling sessions to the children.

“I’m calling on the government and well-meaning individuals to prioritize the awareness for sickle cells because, without it, we can do nothing.”

“Helping them, giving them drugs will not take the disease from their blood, so the simplest solution is to do the compatibility test for genotype and if it doesn’t match, please don’t get married,” she said.

Similarly, the President of Kaduna Queens Rotary Club, Aishatu Yahaya Gusau, harped on the need for more awareness as a means to prevent more cases of sickle cell crisis.

She applauded Hajiyya Badiya for her good work in supporting the fight against the sickle cell crisis by giving free drugs and counselling to the patients.

Rotarian Aisha also urged Nigerians to play their part by going for the test even if it’s not favourable as it can save them from pain in the future.

“We are here to support Hajiyya Badiya in her good works. Part of our ethics at the club is to take care of our health as much as we can and we were able to get some drugs from our members with strong support from Ishara pharmacy and other organizations that gave cash which we used to get more drugs.”

“There’s not much awareness in Nigeria, but I plead that parents should ensure their children get tested before marriage. In the mosque now, you must do the test before you get married.”

“I know intending couples who were separated forcefully because of this but it is all for good. So even if it favours you or not, ensure to get the test done.”

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