Group says Atiku most experienced presidential candidate

Group says Atiku most experienced presidential candidate


By: Our Correspondent


Joint Action Committee of Northern Youth Associations  has said  the  People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the  forthcoming election is the most experienced  presidential candidate and best qualified for the number one job in the Country.


The  Group stated this during a press conference addressed  on 22nd,  February, 2023 by Murtala Abubakar; Convener and Raphael Makama Convened and  Director of Communication and Public Affairs. Of  JACOM respectively.


The Group said Atiku knows, understands, appreciates Nigeria and Nigerians just as he knows, understands and appreciates his loving family. Nigeria is Atiku’s family.


The Group added that none of the presidential candidates  have been in politics and ran for offices like Atiku, adding that none  but he  has occupied the number two position of Vice President of Nigeria and for 8 years.

“None of them knows Nigeria like Atiku. None can boast of having biological family ties across Nigeria like Atiku. None has built political bridges across Nigeria and beyond like Atiku. Atiku is not going to rely on anyone or groups to teach him how to lead Nigeria.


“As a result of these and more that time and space will not allow us to say here, we hereby, on behalf of our members cutting across all the states and the FCT, endorsed and  adopted Atiku  Abubakar as our Presidential candidate in the forthcoming Presidential  election


“May we at this junction thank the elders and leaders at all levels in the north for keeping the unity despite attempt by external force to divide us along tribal and religious lines.


“As youths,  we decided and took this important decision today after taking into consideration recent Abuja declaration by Arewa groups during the 10 year anniversary of the Northern Elders Forum and similar stand of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) that was delivered in wisdom and gave qualities of the next President Nigeria needs.


“Our endorsement and adoption of Atiku Abubakar today is in that line. The qualities they described fits only Atiku Abubakar. We are hearkening to our elders calls.


“To the youth of this country. We are the future of this great nation. The leader we elect on Saturday will make or mar Nigeria.


“We cannot afford to elect some opportunists who will take us through hell for another 4 years. We need an Atiku who will lift the country out of the doldrums, secure, unite, develop and make us all proud.


“This is no time to sit on the wall. This is the time to save Nigeria and Nigerians. Time to prepare our future, that of our children and unborn generation. The compass to that future is Atiku Abubakar by God’s grace.


“So we urge all Nigerians of voting age who have registered to vote, to please come out on Saturday to vote en mass for Atiku Abibakar and Ifeanyi Okowa, the unifier.”

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