Dan Air, the only airline serving the newly inaugurated airport in central Romania at Brasov, announced that it would continue the flight scheme adapted to the conditions currently offered by the airport.

Namely, the flights scheduled to land or take off between 07:00 – 19:00 will not be rescheduled or relocated. But the flights that will take place after 19:00 will be relocated to Bucharest, and the customers will be given free road transportation to Brasov.

Regarding the lack of maintenance services at Brasov Airport, the company said it is still waiting for a response.

CEO Matt Ian David told Economica.net on June 26 that Dan Air could suspend flights from Brasov airport. The announcement was made after the incident of June 24, when an aircraft of the company with the route Madrid-Brasov-Bucharest was denied landing for 16 minutes despite adverse weather when landing at Brasov airport due to the fact that the flight control operator Romatsa gave priority to an aircraft taking off. Romatsa claimed this it followed standard procedures.


(Photo source: Facebook/Dan Air)