Strange man abducts boys from Abuja football field

Jayi community on the outskirts of Abuja has not remained the same since two children, age five and three, were reportedly abducted by a strange man from a football field in the area about a week ago. It was gathered that the children were taken to their aunt’s place by their mother, Anatu Yahuza, as she set out for her farm on the fateful day.

The children’s aunt, Aminat Ahmed, 29, who lives opposite the football field, was busy with house chores as the kids and their cousin, Suleman Ahmed, 8, went to the field to play football.

Residents said it was while playing that a strange man, said to be in his late 30s, called on three-year-old Suleiman Yahuza, that he wanted to buy him a toy, which made the boy and his elder brother to run after him.

The cousin, Suleman Ahmed, who was not comfortable with the strange man ran after the boys, urging them not to follow him, but when his appeal was not yielding any result, he rushed back home to tell his mother, Aminat Ahmed.

The search

One of the residents, John Mark, said before Aminat came out the strange man and the boys were nowhere in sight. The father of the two boys, Umar Yahuza, 27, was immediately contacted by his elder sister, as a search party was set up to comb the area for the boys, but without success.

Speaking with Vanguard, Umar said immediately he got the call from his sister, he went to the Jayi Police Station to incident the case and also to the Head of the community, Alhaji Adamu Dogo. The sister, Aminat Ahmed, who sells food opposite the said football field, also revealed that she just finished selling that fateful morning and was packing her things inside her house, when the incident took place.

According to her, “I sell food outside here and l had finished selling and was packing things inside the house when my son ran inside to tell me that a man, whom he had never seen before in the community, went away with his brothers.

“I quickly rushed out, ran left and right and could not see the man and my brother’s children.” Head of the community, Alhaji Dogo, said such thing had never happened in the community before.

He said he reported the matter to all the council chiefs in the FCT, set up a search party to continue to be on the lookout for the man and the two boys, while security operatives do their work too.

His words: “I have been on the seat for 25 years now and we have not heard of anything like this before. “It was a surprise to me that this kind of thing would ever happen in our community. “We are doing everything possible to see that those children are returned to their parents.”


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