Social Protection: KDSG/SCI launches Management Information System

Social Protection: KDSG/SCI launches Management Information System


By: Femi Mustapha



In order to ensure that every poor and vulnerable citizen of Kaduna State is captured and benefits from the succour provided by the government, the state government in partnership with Save the Children International (SCI,) has launched the Kaduna State Social Protection Management Information System (KADSPMIS,) to help in tracking the social protection programs across all the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

Speaking during the launch, the honourable commissioner for Planning and Budget Commission, Honourable Mukhtar Ahmed Monrovia, said the system will enable the state to track and evaluate whatever social protection program the government has brought and put in place.

He added that it will also allow them to keep the data in the system to avoid a repetition of the circle with only one set of people as beneficiaries.

“With this system, we will be able to track and know who has benefited, and then move to the next level to assist others that have not benefited.”

“Another advantage is the visibility it gives the state out there. Whoever is coming to assist us, we can show that we have a system that can monitor and track any activity that is done and this will encourage them to continue to assist us.

“Thank God, in the last seven to eight years, the Planning and Budget Commission of Kaduna state has been doing eyes and ears which are similar to this one, only that they have different goals. So with a lot of training, we would maintain it because we would see its benefit and would not let it go like that.”

“Fortunately, it is going to be housed at the Planning and Budget Commission where we have young men that have been looking at maintaining the eyes and ears, they will also look after the MIS. So there’s no fear of maintaining and giving it the right attention that it needs.”

“I think Kaduna is the first in the sub-national northern states to do this and I congratulate the State government and Save the Children Foundation because they are the ones who assisted in developing this application,” he said.

Speaking earlier, the Senior Social Protection Specialist of Save the Children International, Mr Victor Ogharanduku, said the software developed by SCI is in line with the Expanding Social Protection for Inclusive Development (ESPID), a UK-funded programme under the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) providing technical support for the strengthening of social protection in Nigeria.

He explained that the objective of the launch is to enable the flow and management of information to support key processes in the State and also to enable streamlined monitoring and implementation of social protection programs in Kaduna State.

The Coordinator of Kaduna State Social Investment Programmes Agency (KADSIPA), Umar Sani Maikudi, remarked that for too long, social protection efforts have been hampered by fragmented information and limited coordination which the newly introduced software would address.

According to him, the innovative system with efforts dating back to 2022 will streamline critical data, and integrate the efforts of the State government.

“The implementation of this management information system will enhance the targeting of social protection interventions, ensuring that assistance reaches those who need it most, efficiently and effectively.”

“Additionally, the system will facilitate better coordination and collaboration among relevant government Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, civil society organizations, partners, and other stakeholders involved in social protection efforts”.

Similarly, the Chairman of the Kaduna Social Protection Accountability Coalition (KADSPAC,) Jessica Bartholomew, in her remarks, said, “It’s a tool for social justice that would allow us to identify areas of needs, make data touch down duplication and ensure that resources are efficiently directed to those who need it the most.”

“Therefore, we are grateful for the leadership of his excellency, the executive governor of Kaduna state, Senator Uba Sani, in ensuring that the most vulnerable households, the poorest of the poor and the entire populace of Kaduna state live a life of dignity.”

“With this system, we are taking a giant lead towards achieving Governor Sani’s sustained agenda to build a more inclusive and equitable Kaduna state.”

“Collectively, we are building a foundation for the future where social protection is not just a promise but a reality for all. I urge everyone here today, to actively engage and foster collaboration as we embark on this journey towards a more robust and responsive social protection system in Kaduna state.”

The Kaduna Co-Chair, TWG on Strengthening Social Protection Systems OGP, Kaduna. Sumayya Abdullahi Hussaini in her remarks opined that “this is a significant step in strengthening the social protection systems in the State.

What this means is that the State is now better positioned and equipped to ensure effective planning and credible targeting of the poor and vulnerable groups in the fight against high rates of multidimensional poverty.”

“Permit me to again congratulate us all, especially government and civil society members of the TWG commitment four. Through this major step, we have also delivered a key milestone under the commitment area – which is the operationalization of the MIS.

This is a demonstration of the administration’s commitment to the OGP, as it provides an enabler for the OGP principles of transparency, accountability and citizens’ engagement in the social protection system in the State.”

“I commend the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders involved in the development of KSPIMS, including the government of Kaduna State – worthy of mention is the Kaduna Social Investment Programme Agency (KADSIPA) and Planning & Budget Commission, civil society organizations – especially Kaduna Social Protection Accountability Coalition (KADSPAC) and development partners – particularly Save The Children International (SCI) for their invaluable support.”

“As we embark on this very important journey, I am sure this will empower the civil society members and accountability mechanisms to constructively and better engage the government on issues of social protection.

I also urge our government partners to remain steadfast in availing civil society access to the information on the MIS,” she concluded.

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