Postal service intercepts ‘bullets’ in envelope addressed to Pope

Italian postal workers on Sunday said they intercepted ‘bullets’ in an envelope addressed to Pope Francis.

Post office workers, who worked overnight at a mail sorting facility in Peschiera Borromeo, a Milan suburb, found a suspicious envelope containing “three bullets” addressed to Pope Francis according to the carabinieri provincial command in Milan.

In a report by ABC News, the Italian paramilitary police on Monday said that it was presently investigating the source of the envelope which was sent from France.

The envelope which was handwritten was addressed to “The Pope, Vatican City, St. Peter’s Square, Rome,”. It also contained a message that referenced the financial operations in the Vatican.

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In July, ten officials of the Vatican were indicted for several financial crimes, that ranged from embezzlement, extortion, fraud, to abuse of power.

Among the ten was Cardinal Angelo Becciu, a former close ally of the Pope before he was sacked in September last year due to some allegations against him.

He was charged for allegedly diverting the church’s funds to businesses run by his brothers in their native Sardinia and also spending $412 million of Vatican funds on a botched deal to buy a property in Chelsea that incurred huge losses.

In proceedings expected to stretch over months, Becciu and nine others will be tried in a special, larger courtroom at the Vatican Museums.

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