Nigerian Military neutralizes 135 Terrorist, Arrests 182, recovers arms


The Defence Headquarters DHQ, has said our own troops have neutralizes about 135 Terrorist and arrested 182 other persons, as well recovered arms within one week.

This was made known in a statement made by Major General Edward Buba, Director Defence Media Operations stating that in the latest development, troops have neutralized 135 terrorists and arrested 182 others, further weakening the enemy’s capabilities.

According to the General Buba, troops also rescued 140 kidnapped hostages and arrested 15 perpetrators of oil theft, disrupting the illegal oil trade and restoring security in the affected areas.

The military has also recovered a substantial amount of weapons and ammunition, including 97 assorted weapons and 3,117 assorted ammunition, further crippling the terrorists’ ability to wage war.

The breakdown of the recovered weapons and ammunition includes 47 AK47 rifles, one PKM machine gun, one FN rifle, 17 locally fabricated guns, 21 dane guns, 9 pump action guns, 3 locally fabricated pistols, 3 hand grenades, and one improvised explosive device (IED). Troops have also recovered a significant amount of ammunition, including 1,087 rounds of 7.62mm special ammunition, 840 rounds of 7.62mm NATO, 402 rounds of 7.62 x 54mm ammunition, and others.

Furthermore, troops in the Niger Delta area have discovered and destroyed 11 dugout pits, 29 boats, 24 drums, 4 receivers, 7 reservoirs, and 41 storage tanks used for illegal oil refining. Other items recovered include 115 cooking ovens, 2 generators, 13 vehicles, 3 pumping machines, and 40 illegal refining sites.

The military has also recovered 588,400 liters of stolen crude oil and 238,686 liters of illegally refined automotive gas oil (AGO).

The military’s successes have significantly diminished the military capabilities of terrorist groups, and many terrorist leaders have been killed.

The troops continue to make the terrorists and their cohorts pay a heavier price for their actions, restoring peace and security to affected communities. The military remains resolute in its mission to completely annihilate terrorist groups and ensure the safety and security of all citizens.

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