Jubilation Galore as 2023 House of Purpose Fire Convention Kicks off.

Jubilation Galore as 2023 House of Purpose Fire Convention Kicks off.


By: Edirin Robinson




It is an atmosphere of celebration and gratitude to God as the 2023 House of Purpose National Fire Convention Kicks off today 8th November, at U/Sunday, Chikun local Government Area, Kaduna


The senior pastor of the Ministry, Apostle Yakubu Yusuf, said the convention, with the theme ‘The Wealthy Place,’ is to instill hope in the hearts of Nigerians and encourage them to keep their focus on God.


Speaking at the sidelines to the media during the celebration, he opined that many Nigerians had given up and accepted their poor conditions as permanent instead of taking a leap of faith to establish themselves.

“There is confusion everywhere and people are asking that does God answers prayers anymore. This Convention is put together to create awareness for the people that there is a wealthy place and whoever comes here will have something to pick,” he assured.


Apostle Yakubu noted that many have forgotten God and given his place to man, hence, the reason for the hardship.


“Don’t just sit down and cry about your condition, arise and do something with your hands so that God can bless you. Stop depending on men for help, think of ways to help others too.”


He added that Nigerians should not think that the economic hardship is God’s plan for the nation, but see it as a phase that will pass.


Speaking to the National leaders, he advised them to not leave the citizens to themselves in a time like this but to lead by good examples and do good deeds so that God would see their efforts and bless the nation.


The Women Leader of the Ministry, Mrs Gloria Uche, encouraged women to be supportive of their spouses and pray for them as it brings goodness to the family.


She also admonished the women to not take the economic hardship as a reason to forget their duties but to be a strong help in areas they can, so that their families can be elevated to their wealthy place.

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