Glamour as Pastor Ruth Yakubu marks 50th birthday in style

Glamour as Pastor Ruth Yakubu marks 50th birthday in style

By: Femi Mustapha

It was a celebration galore at House of Purpose Ministry u/Sunday Chikun Local Government of Area Kaduna State as the wife of the  Founder and Senior Pastor of the Church Apostle Yakubu Yusfu, Pastor Ruth Yakubu celebrates her 50th birthday on 26th November, 2023.

For some time, the memory of the event will continue to linger, considering the glamour, that trails the event

Eminent men of God in Kaduna had rejoiced with the wife of one of their own, pouring endless accolades on the woman described as an epitome of humility.

In his message, the Husband of the Celebrant Apostle Yakubu Yusuf admonished all Nigerians to prepare for eternity. “A lot of people die untimely because they live despicably and don’t understand that life has no spare. People see life from different angles which is why they handle life differently.

Celebrant Pastor Ruth Yakubu and her husband Apostle Yakubu Yusuf

Reading from the Book of Daniel 12: 2 he said Christians are saved and sanctified, consecrated, and committed to serving the Lord faithfully till the end to meet receive, and receive eternal rewards from Him in heaven.

“We need to think about the end because sooner or later, everyone will come to his end. “  And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.”

Every Christian comes to his end either by death or rapture. While some have gone, others will soon go. The end of everyone and the Church age is at hand; it may be sooner than expected. And since “the end of all things, is at hand”, we need to be “sober, and watch unto prayer.” he said

The celebrant, pastor Ruth Yakubu appreciated God for sustenance and grace to attain the age, which is described as a milestone, irrespective of the travails of her sojourn.

She expressed her gratitude and Thanksgiving to God Almighty for His peace, Joy, and Blessings showered upon her all these years.

She extolled her husband, Apostle Yakubu Yusuf whom she described as a tireless worker in God’s vineyard who has shown her love and affection all through their years of marriage, saying he was also a good teacher to her as she has learned a lot from him.

Pastor Ruth Yakubu thanked the entire church for their care, in words, kind and prayers.

The celebrant said she had never experienced such in all her life. Indeed the love was massive and this could only be God.

She urged believers to keep on serving God with the whole of their hearts, even in the face of contradicting evidence as God duly and greatly rewards diligent service.

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