Experts Harps On Multiple Micronutrients Use In Pregnancy 

Experts Harps On Multiple Micronutrients Use In Pregnancy


By: Femi Mustapha


The Head of the Food and Nutrition Division, Social  Development Department in the Ministry of Budget and Planning Mrs Chito Nelson has urged the media to create awareness and support the use of Multiple micronutrient supplements to curb malnutrition and reduce Anemia among pregnant women.

Mrs Nelson asserted this during a two-day workshop with a theme “Strengthening Media Capacity for Improved Anemia Reduction through the Scale-up of Multiple Micronutrient Supplements (MMS) in Nigeria,” organised  by Civil Society-Scaling up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN), in Abuja on 28th February 2024.

Mrs. Nelson stressed that the use of Multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS) portends numerous health benefits for pregnant women and children.

Elaborating on the numerous vitamin content of MMS,  which she says has 15 Vitamin and Minerals is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO)  and Nigeria is not exceptional.

She harped that MMS reduces stillbirth, and the risk of anemia, while the supplements boost the brain development of children even after birth.

Similarly, Mrs Nelson called for collaboration among non-governmental organisations (NGO) and Media to boost access and integration of nutrition within health systems.

This  according to  her  entails the Media in their reportage  advocating for full implementation of government policy to scale up MMS and inclusion of MMS in the national Micronutrient Deficiency Control Guidelines.

She added that whenever a child is malnourished his  chances of dying are high, while when an infant is healthy his chances of staying alive are also high.

“45 million Children under the age of 5 are wasted across the world,97% of these children are in Asia (31.6 million) and Africa (12.2 million)

“Addressing malnutrition that occurs when a person lacks sufficient intake of energy and nutrients, the formalisation of Social and Behavioural Change (SBC) interventions would have the potential of dramatically improving MMS uptake and adherence, and maternal diet quality and the media has a role to play here ” She said.

Speaking earlier CS-SUNN, Executive Secretary, Mr Sunday Okoronkwo, opined that the  Country stand at the crossroads of an urgent and collective challenge in the reduction of anaemia.

Mr.Okoronkwo explained that Anemia a hidden hunger affects millions, particularly women and children, across the nation.

He added that Anemia’s impact on health, cognitive development, and overall productivity is a barrier we must dismantle for the prosperity and well-being of our communities.

“Recognizing the power of informed advocacy and the critical role that the media plays in shaping public discourse, this gathering is not just a meeting but a clarion call.

“It is an invitation to each of you to join hands in a concerted effort to amplify the message that the fight against anaemia is winnable, and the scale-up of MMS is a scientifically proven strategy we must embrace.

“CS-SUNN, through this initiative, aims to empower you, our esteemed media professionals, with the knowledge, tools, and resources to effectively communicate the importance of MMS and nutrition interventions.

“Your voices will echo in homes, policy chambers, and health institutions, igniting action and fostering accountability.

“Together, let us embark on this transformative journey to ensure that every Nigerian, from the newborn to the expectant mother, from the bustling cities to the rural heartlands, has access to the essential nutrients needed for a healthy and thriving life.” He stressed.

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