Expert Fumes Over High Cost of Baking Ingredients — Expert

Expert Fumes Over High Cost of Baking Ingredients — Expert


By: Edirin Robinson


The former vice President of the Federation of Tourism Association of Nigeria (FTAN) Prince Ayodele Arokoyo Martin has expressed dismay over the Increased cost of ingredients in the bakery industry. Which may cost

Over two million Nigerians their jobs.


He asserted this while speaking to the media during the inauguration of the  Kaduna  State Executives of the Association on 20th  February, 2024.


According to him, gone are the days when you would visit a baker and go home with a loaf of bread. Now, even the workers in bakeries have to pay to have a loaf.


He added that Bread is easy to consume, with or without a combination and it is a global food that is common to man, it is produced and consumed all over the world.


He however lamented that due to the current development arising from the high cost of ingredients where a bag of flour costs about 51,000 nairas, and sugar is 78,000 naira, many bakery owners are shutting down businesses, while some are reducing the sizes and increasing the prices of bread to make ends meet.

Prince Arokoyo who is the CEO of Multi plus Consult LTD, and a member of National Bakers Trust, said this is a challenge because there is already insecurity in the country, inflation, and government policies are not favourable to citizens, this unfortunate event will pull more Nigerians down the poverty line.


“The government should look at interventions that are helpful by consulting stakeholders in the food industry.


“They can liaise with companies producing flour and sugar to see how they can reduce the price of the goods. Reactivate the agenda on the call for cassava bread because it is a good substitute for bread production.


“It is one of the things the former president, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan advocated for and invested into but we never researched on what went wrong with the project.


“We can have cassava bread instead of waiting for wheat from the global market, we have lands which we can farm but the challenge is insecurity so the government should look into it and also see how to support small businesses.


“I advise bakers, instead of shutting down, they should produce low because if they keep producing large quantities at this rate, they will incur losses. So they should reduce production so that when things become stable, they will still be in business,” He said

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