Clergy Harps on Trusting God for  Divine Healing

Clergy Harps on Trusting God for  Divine Healing



By : Edirin Robinson



Apostle Barnabas Yohanna has admonished Nigerians especially Christians, to always follow the plan of God in their lives so that they can enjoy God’s blessings which is the provision of salvation, and divine and financial healing.


He asserted this during the ongoing 2023 House of Purpose National Fire Convention in Kaduna.


Reading from the book of Jeremiah 8 verse 22, Apostle Barnabas said, it is surprising that Christians who are saved still look for help outside.


He encouraged Christians to utilize the power of healing made available to them via their salvation in Christ.


“many only know about the physical healing of sickness and diseases, but are ignorant about the healing of the soul.”


“Your pocket can also receive financial healing because the burden of poverty has been taken away by Christ, who became poor for us to be rich.”


The clergy emphasized that at this point in the country’s history, there’s no solution elsewhere, but in God, hence, people should learn to focus and trust in God.


Apostle Barnabas who expressed dismay over some congregational leaders in the way they encourage their members to accept their conditions as ‘God’s standards,’ advised that they should preach hope to the people because God’s plan for them is good and not evil.


He also advised Christian leaders to teach their members to utilize God’s grace and blessings so they can enjoy life here on earth.


The Clergy, however, warned that divine healing is not an opportunity to tempt God by living a careless life.


“Make your path by staying faithful and believing in God, and he will do his part,” he opined



Apostle Barnabas expressed dismay over some beliefs that prayers alone can make one wealthy, saying there are principles to be followed for anyone aspiring to move out of poverty.


He stressed that there must be a change of mindset amongst today’s believers in respect of wealth.


He emphasized that anyone aspiring to move out of the poverty zone must have something to offer that is different from what others are offering.


He equally tasked  Christians with Kingdom investments, saying any investments in the kingdom surely have positive rewards.

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