Clean Cooking: A Fundamental Human Right — Prof. Bugaje

Clean Cooking: A Fundamental Human Right — Prof. Bugaje

By: Edirin Robinson

The Executive Secretary of the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), Professor Idris Bugaje, has said Clean Cooking is not just a luxury but a fundamental Human Right.

He asserted this in his keynote address during an engagement with multi-stakeholders at Zaria, organized by Hinata Energy, PIVOT Global Bioethanol Coalition, and funded by ASTRAZENICA, held on 25th November 2023 in Zaria.

According to him, millions of people around the globe, particularly in developing nations, still rely on traditional cooking methods that involve burning biomass, such as wood or charcoal, leading to severe health and environmental consequences.

Prof. Bugaje, who was represented by Dr. Titus Moses, added that smoke from these open fires not only contributes to respiratory diseases but also exacerbates climate change.

He stressed that in a world where the need for sustainable practices has never been more urgent, the vision and innovation behind Hinata Energy represent a beacon of hope for a cleaner, healthier, and more equitable future.

“I stand before you today with great enthusiasm and a sense of purpose as we gather to discuss a topic of paramount importance — clean cooking and the transformative power of Hinata Energy,” he said.

The CEO of Hinata Energy, Kamal Kasim, speaking in an interview said that the goal of the meeting is to engage the stakeholders on the effect of dependency on polluting fuel in student hostels and to encourage them to push for the adoption of clean fuels such as the Bio Ethanol fuel Cooking solution and other clean energy solutions.

On the issue of sustainability, which was the fear of the stakeholders, Mr. Kamal said they are working on a sustainable long-term plan, which involves the incorporation of suggestions from customers.

He also revealed that actions such as the establishment of Biofuel stations in the institutions are in a progressive state while Kaduna Polytechnic already has an operating Biofuel station.

Collaboration, strategic plans, as well as effective policies, were the main discussions for the company’s growth.

Using the medium, presented a better, safer, and cheaper alternative to the use of Kerosene, gas, and firewood via the introduction of the Biofuel Ethanol cooking stove.

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