Citizens tasks Kaduna Lawmakers  on Oversight functions 

Citizens tasks Kaduna Lawmakers  on Oversight functions


By: Femi  Mustspha


Residents of Kaduna State have called on elected Lawmakers of the state  House of Assembly to effectively perform their statutory oversight function on the 2024 budget.



The Citizen  Co-chair  of  Open  Government  Partnership (OGP) in  the

State Mubarak Abdulganiyi stated this in a  statement made available to the media in Kaduna yesterday.



The statement stated that the demand comes as citizens seek more transparency, accountability and a responsive governance system in the budget formulation, execution and evaluation.


According to Mubarak Abdulganiyi citizens’ advocacy for efficient and effective budget execution stems from the recognition of its pivotal role in shaping the state’s development trajectory.



He added that with a growing population and diverse needs, the budget serves as an instrument for the allocation and utilization of resources in critical sectors such as education, healthcare, infrastructure and social welfare.


” I think an assessment of the implementation of previous budgets vis a vis gauge the performance of the current budget should also be prioritized by the Members of the State House of Assembly.


“This should be done in partnership with Civil Society Organizations who do annual budget analysis and tracking. The findings are used for advocacy using tools such as scorecards. This will better inform the oversight function of the legislators during the implementation of the 2024 budget.”



The OGP Co-chair expressed  that

Civil society organizations in the state have initiated grassroots campaigns, emphasizing the need for citizens to reach out to their legislators to seek feedback on their oversight function.


“It is important to convene town-hall meetings, and community forums, and utilize social media platforms for residents to voice their expectations and priorities and ensure value for money in the budget implementation.


“Furthermore, I feel if the below factors are strengthened it will go a long way in ensuring the budget is well implemented

“Members of the State House of Assembly should ensure they thoroughly review the priorities of the citizens. Thereby examining allocations to different sectors, ensuring financial prudence, and assessing alignment with developmental goals.


“Committee Investigations: Establishing committees to investigate mismanagement, waste and diversion. This will require the legislators to delve deeper into the details and identify any irregularities or inefficiencies that will likely affect the implementation of the 2024 budget.


” Holding regular public hearings will allow members of the State House of Assembly to gather input from citizens, experts, and stakeholders. This ensures a more inclusive oversight process and provides valuable insights into the impact of budgetary decisions.


“: Members of the State House of Assembly can partner with civil society to actively monitor the execution of budgetary allocations throughout the fiscal year, tracking whether funds are being utilized as intended and whether programs are achieving their objectives.



“Conducting regular and timely performance audits of government agencies and programs helps legislators assess efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance with established standards, contributing to better-informed oversight decisions.


The call for transparency is central to the citizens’ demands, with an emphasis on clear communication of budgetary spending. Advocates argue that a transparent budget execution process enhances public trust and enables citizens to hold elected officials accountable for the effective utilization of public funds.


The urgency surrounding the 2024 budget execution reflects the citizens’ desire for timely implementation of development projects and services. Delayed budget execution can impede progress and hinder the delivery of essential services, affecting the overall well-being of the community.”


He intensifies their call for prompt action, legislators need to be put under increased pressure to heed the voice of the people. The collaborative effort between citizens and their elected representatives in delivering an effective and responsive 2024 budget for Kaduna State will stand as a testament to the strength of civic participation in shaping the future of their community.

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