Brazilian doctor arrested for sexually assaulting a woman during c-section

A Brazilian anaesthetist, Giovanni Bezerra, 32 was previously suspected of engaging in nefarious activities due to concerns about the large quantity of drugs he gave patients. The hospital staff then put a hidden camera to find out what he was up to and were shocked.

They discovered that for nearly 10 minutes, while a c-section was performed, he physically assaulted a pregnant woman.

From the footage, he “wore an open cloak around himself, widening his silhouette and positioned himself in a way that prevented anyone from seeing the patient.

He did this to be able to insert his penis into her mouth while surgery was going on. A witness who watched the video said, “From the movement and the curvature of the arm, he looked like he was holding the patient’s head towards his pelvic region.”

The woman could not remember the details of the events (as she was heavily sedated), but she heard him whisper softly into her ears and asked if she was okay.

Police are investigating whether he raped two other patients he performed surgery on that day.

He has since been charged with rape and would likely face eight to fifteen years in prison.

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