Barr. Innocent Daagba, A TrailBlazer Full Of Amazing Qualities


By Abraham Ogwaje.


Truly, it is difficult to measured life and time of every being, but certainly the voyage of selfless impacts can be measured.

As humans, the best attributes you can bequeath on anyone that traversed your path should be centered on positive impact with milk of kindness.

Barrister Innocent represent the iroko tree in the forest that can be identified and noticed by its height.

He has uplifted so many young lawyers with compassionate zeal, allowing them to succeed in their legal practice.

I have never met him one on one but judging from what I heard from others about him and when I eventually met him in his office in wuse zone 1 to discuss the date for the award presentation, I was not disappointed in any way, there are three ways of identifying a character, first, how the person behaves ,two how he speaks and lastly what other people are saying about such figure, Barrister Innocent Daagba is a combination of the three features enumerated above, he is an epitome of kindness.

Without mincing words, Innocent has etched his name on the sands of time and in the heart of many, any one who had an encounter with him, particularly the young practicing lawyers will attest to the fact that Innocent is a legend and such person will feel a different touch or nod of ideas which can sustain the personalities for a life time.

The Benue born legal icon is not a saint and can never be, but he has ignited the hopes and aspirations of the younger lawyers and fought undying dreams for the downtrodden.

Innocent is a trailblazer full of amazing qualities, both old and young are classified as one, to be candid, so many lawyers are struggling to practice in his chambers as his legal prowess is second to none.

His home in Abuja is a home for all, especially the students and relatives who are relocating to Abuja or in search of employment opportunity besiege his home.

He does not discriminate rather he ensures anybody who has contact with him has a positive stories to tell.

His approach to life is uncommon, he has acted as uncommon Counselor, ensuring that nobody derailed from his or her chosen carrier path.

In my encounter with him preparatory to the award presentation and the subsequent meetings thereof, I have never witness him speaking to anyone in anger, his ability to manage crises is topnotch, people who knew him during his days in a prestigious Mount Saint Michael Secondary School Aliade, attested to his character and charisma which is practically intact after so many years.

There’s a significant age difference between me and Innocent yet he almost fought me when I repeatedly called him “Senior” he told me point blank that there’s no justification for calling Senior or Junior that he was trained to know that we are all equal before our creator.

After the presentation of an award which was occasioned by his 31 years of litigation and efficient service delivery, Barrister Innocent Daagba thrilled us with the old memories of his Alma- mata Mount Saint Michaels Aliade which iam also an old boy. That is a story for another day.

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