2023: Ashiru Urges Kaduna Voters to Prepare to Vote Again.

By: Femi Mustapha

The Kaduna State gubernatorial candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Rt Hon. Isa Mohammed Ashiru has called on the people of Kaduna State to prepare to go and vote on March 11, 2023, despite some of the challenges they encountered on February 25.

This was contained in a state by
Deputy Director, Media and Publicity, PDP State Campaign Directorate Reuben Buhari,  and made available to the media in Kaduna on 5th February, 2023.

Ashiru explained that while people might be feeling demoralized about the outcome of the last election and possibly wondering why they should be bothered to go and vote on Saturday, giving up and staying at home might sound tempting but wouldn’t come with any lasting reward for everyone.

He said voting for the PDP next Saturday, irrespective of party differences, would ensure that everyone finishes as a winner.

“If our dream is to have a secure, prosperous Kaduna State, then we owe it to ourselves and our families to resolve to go and vote for the PDP.

“Not voting would ensure that more of our people in Kaduna State get sacked with impunity, or forcefully retired without them getting their benefits.

” Not voting might ensure that labour leaders who decide to legally protect the interest of their members when they would be sacked again, would be hounded and declared wanted like criminals.

“Not voting might ensure the continuation of school fees increment in Kaduna’s tertiary institutions without regard to the common man.

“Abstaining from voting would continue to see our traditional institutions bastardised without recourse to what the people genuinely desire.

” We would continue to witness more demolitions of houses and shops that the common man is using for sustenance; continue to see the forceful seizure of people’s land and continue to witness the most insecure environment that Kaduna currently has become. Not going out to vote for the PDP would ensure the continuation of these and many more.”

The gubernatorial candidate congratulated the people of Kaduna State by saying they did very well when they voted for the PDP on February 25 and in the process clinched the three senatorial seats in the State, and ten out of the 16 House of Representative seats.

“With us all strategically closing ranks and putting the result of the past election behind us, we will emerge with enough votes to ensure that the APC never again brings any hardship to the residents of Kaduna State.”

Ashiru further warned that because the APC is desperate to continue with its deliberate misgovernance, they might employ and deploy all manner of illegalities to woo voters both before and during the elections. He asked potential voters to be extra vigilant and reject being induced in any way so as not to compromise their today for the tomorrow that holds so much potential.

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