Zakat Day: We Disbursed Over 60 Million To Beneficiaries — Imam Adeyemi


By Zakaa Lazarus

The National Chief Imam of Al – Habibiyyah Islamic Society, Fuad Adeyemi, Saturday disclosed that the foundation has disbursed over six million naira to the needy in the society since it’s inception.

Imam Adeyemi made the disclosure at the maiden edition of the national Zakat day in Abuja said the monies were disbursed to various categories of beneficiaries with bias for education and women of the poor.

He said 70 percent of the funds were used to buy income generating materials such as sewing and designing tailoring machines, pumping machines for irrigation farming activities among others.

He also explained that Zakat is a day set aside to raise awareness on the importance of Zakat which he said is one of the basic pillars of Islam.

Adeyemi also noted that Zakat is revolutionary concept which can end extreme poverty.

In his words: “In addition to that, we strongly believe that the many challenges Nigeria is facing today which are manifesting in banditry, kidnapping and even ritual killings can be addressed through Zakat as income is redistributed.

” For every adult who owns wealth over a certain amount known as Nisab he or she must pay 2.5% of that wealth as Zakat”. He said.

Imam Adeyemi further explained that Zakat does not only benefit the poor as the receiver but also help the giver in fulfilling their obligations as true Muslim as it is written in the holy book.

“If all Muslim who are eligible to pay Zakat actually does so in an open and transparent manner, many of this vice we have in the country will be eliminated.

“In the Muslim system, Zakat functions as a means to reduce inequalities and eradicate poverty”, Imam Adeyemi added.

On his part, the guest lecturer and Executive Chairman, Sokoto State Zakat and Waqf Endowment Commission, Muhammad Lawal Maidoki highlight the importance of Zakat, he said if every Muslim should pay Zakat it will go along way to combat poverty.

“I want to speak on the importance of Zakat as a tool to combating poverty in our society, so in my presentation I highlight some points in respect to how Zakat in the past has help so many people out of poverty and how it can be apply in Nigeria situation to help in also combating poverty and bringing about other development we are much in need in this country.

“These are some of the thing I have spoken and I have given evidences from the Qur’an, from the practices of other countries including other African countries such as Uganda,Sudan,South African, Senegal to mention but few.

We believe that it is time now for the federal and state government should support the entrenchment of Zakat as one the tools to bring an end to poverty and also to assist in the achievement of the millennium development goals come 2030.


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