‘You’re elected to bring Nigeria out of woes’ – Diaspora Nigerians tell Tinubu

‘You’re elected to bring Nigeria out of woes’ – Diaspora Nigerians tell Tinubu

By: Our Correspondent

The Nigerian Diaspora Academics and Campaign for Democracy in the United Kingdom and Europe have told President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu that Nigerians elected him to democratically lead them out of the economy and insecurity doldrums in the next four years.

Even as the group noted that this is enshrined in the constitution and requires urgent surgeries to demystify hidden shackles and colonial/happy slave traps.

A statement signed by the President of the group, Dan Farauta, made available to newsmen in Kaduna on 24th April 2023, cautioned the President-elect that the mandate freely given to him is not for absenteeism/ghost President or otherwise.

According to the group, what Nigerians need at this critical juncture of their existence as a people is a person who would be physically available to salvage the country and emancipate Nigerians from neocolonialism and the brigandage of looters that have invaded the country both internally and externally.

The group added that as it is today, Nigerian society is an unjust society, and silence in such a society is a crime, saying Nigerians have persevered for too long and can no longer be patient to be ruled by an old, tired, and expired person suffering from multiple psychological disorders.


President of the group, Dan Farauta

“Nigerians have invested their political franchise for you, which led to your victory in the just-concluded presidential election. In one of your numerous vituperations, you promised Nigerians to hit the ground running, but instead, you spirited away with our collective mandate to oblivion after receiving the certificate of return.

“Is this an omen of what is to come after swearing-in, where another ghost would be ruling us from Aso Rock, as precedent by your predecessor, President Buhari, who could not even form his cabinet six months into office?

“Be informed that at the moment, Nigeria as a country is badly divided along different strata and at the brink of collapse due to the current government mismanagement of our common wealth and resources, made even worse by the unholy use of various instrumentalities of government to coerce, divide and gag Nigerians in the face of brutal hostilities and terror.

“As for Nigerian youth, whipping shall continue until our morale improves to challenge our oppressors because this country Nigeria and its institutes belong to those of us that inhabit it and anytime we grow weary of any government, we exercise our democratic rights of amending it or our revolutionary rights of overthrowing any oppressive government.

“At this point, we have a collective responsibility as a people and a nation, having reached the peak of oppression, to activate our revolutionary rights to take back our dear country Nigeria.

“One thing we must bear in mind is that everything God created has its destiny, but the destiny of the wicked ones is total destruction.

“Our dear country Nigeria was created for greatness but has been hijacked by the very few wicked ones holding back our collective glory as a person. Now is the time to rise and take back our dear country Nigeria,” the statement reads.

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