Yoruba leaders seeks divine intervention for Nigeria 

Yoruba leaders seeks divine intervention for Nigeria


By: Our Correspondent


Chairman of Yoruba Council of Obas and Chiefs in the 19 Northern States and Abuja, Ambassador Muhammad Arigbagbuwo has enjoined Nigerians to earnestly seek God’s intervention for credible leaders to emerge in the 2023 elections.


He noted that divine intervention is more crucial than ever because the nation yearned for leaders that will effectively address its current challenges.


He asserted this during a special prayer organised by Yoruba traditional rulers and  Religious leaders held in his palace yesterday.


The Royal  father called on Nigerians to fervently seek God’s intervention in choosing the next set of leaders that will engender good governance at local, state and federal levels.


With Nigerians to go to the polls in the days to come, the Monarch urged Nigerians to be circumspect in their choices, especially bearing in mind that their choices may ensure progression or retrogression of the nation’s fortunes.

Chairman of Yoruba Council of Obas, Ambassador Muhammad Arigbagbuwo

Ambassador Muhammad Arigbagbuwo declared that Nigeria is presently at a crossroad and would need divine intervention to overcome its present challenges.


He also decried the worsening economic situation in the country.


“Our nation today is at a crossroads and will need divine intervention and wise counsel to meander through these challenging times,” he said.


Speaking  at the occasion, Shiek Khalifa Ahmed Yunus stressed that Nigerians, in choosing their next leaders, must show that they are passionate about the betterment and advancement of the nation.


Noting the need for leadership to face challenges of banditry, kidnapping and other forms of insecurities, the Cleric cautioned Nigerians against simply selling their voters for fleeting pecuniary gains.


In his remarks, pastor Eleyele Onoiwasu Agbaye said Nigeria need to seek divine intervention for the Almighty to bring an end to the challenges.


“I am very happy with this initiative. Indeed, our  Royal Fathers in the North are doing well in seeking divine intervention


“No doubt, Nigeria is facing security challenges and the  Government  is doing its best to support the  security personnel. That does not mean we should not seek divine intervention. This prayer session is part of the intervention and I commend the Royal Father for this.”

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