US election: Democrats, Republicans throw victory parties, citizens want quick changes

The two main political parties in Tuesday’s mid-term elections across the United States – Democrats and Republican have organised victory parties for their supporters to mark what they regard as successful outings.

In the polls that witnessed increased voter turnout than the last midterms, the Democrats coasted home to victory in the House of Representatives race while the Republicans maintained their stronghold on the Senate.

Long before final results were announced in all the county offices, both party supporters had taken to different venues all across the country to celebrate what was an almost expected outcome in the Congress races.

In Nevada where our correspondent observed the exercise on Tuesday, large numbers of supporters could be seen making their ways to the various venues each party held its own celebration.

According to these supporters, victory parties were organised by both political groups –Democrats and Republicans – after each election to acknowledge and appreciate the role played by each member throughout the electoral process regardless of what the ballot says.

However, as the merriment went on across the country, voters expressed their views on what they expect to see changes in the system.

Clark County resident, Diandro Highsong, told our correspondent that she hoped to see improvements in renewable energy and education in Nevada.

She said, “I want improvements in renewal energy in Nevada, we don’t want monopoly anymore.

“Our education system is not the way it should be, so I expect to see improvements in that aspect as well.

“I think we have strong candidates occupying seats in the Congress this time, so they must do well to listen to the wishes of the people.”

Eighty-four-year-old nurse, Marylin Hampton, also expects significant changes in the system, adding that people turned out to vote in large numbers this midterm because they wanted improvement in governance.

She said, “I vote practically in every election and I think the turnout was good this year because people have huge expectations.

“I want politicians to correct a lot of things going wrong in the system so that we can have the society working smoothly.”

Another voter, Logan Taylor, said that he wanted more opportunities for blacks and people of other races in the US after Tuesday’s elections.

He said, “The voices of blacks and people of other races have been suppressed for too long in America, I want to see this change after this election.”


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