UNESCO signs MoU with business executives on youth development

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization’s Read and Earn Federation has signed a memorandum of understanding with The Association of Business Executives, United Kingdom to deliver economic Capacity building for Nigerian Youth.

The MoU signed in Abuja is to boost the intellectual, leadership and economic capacity building of the youths.

In recent times, illegal migration has been on the rise, most times, people migrate to host countries as a result of war, political persecution and economic reasons.

In February 2018, European Union Ambassador to Nigeria reported that Nigeria accounts for sixty percent of ten thousand illegal migration cases in the past months.

With the increasing rate of unemployment in the country, Most Nigerian Youths are Migrating for greener pastures.

The understanding between these groups is to groom and empower  the youths to become business and community leaders in Nigeria rather than migrating.

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