UK government hit by resignation over gambling

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s government lost its sports minister on Thursday in a row over slot machine stakes.

Sport and Civil Society Minister, Tracey Crouch, submitted her resignation after the government’s draft budget delayed a planned reduction in the maxim size of an electronic gambling machine bet from £100 to £2 ($2.60, 2.30 euros).

The government is rolling the measure out in October instead of April — the date backed by Crouch — to give the treasury time to come up with a new gaming tax that could compensate for the lost budget revenues.

“It is with great sadness I have resigned from one of the best jobs in Government,” Crouch tweeted.

“Politicians come and go but principles stay with us forever.”

May’s government has suffered a string of resignations linked to difficult negotiations with the European Union about the terms of Britain’s split from the bloc in March.


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