UK Faces Post-Jubilee Travel Chaos

London was hit Monday by a subway strike on top of train and flight delays and cancellations that caused travel chaos in Britain following the four-day Platinum Jubilee weekend.

Several metro stations were closed after the RMT union called a 24-hour strike in the British capital, prompting authorities to urge commuters to avoid the subway until Tuesday morning.

The Eurostar train company linking London to Paris and Brussels said its services faced “big delays” as passport and security checks in London were “taking longer than usual”.

Thousands of travellers struggled to return home after the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee as hundreds of flights were cancelled, according to UK media.

Deputy prime minister Dominic Raab accused airlines last week of a “lack of preparation” in the run-up to the holiday surge following the removal of Covid pandemic restrictions.

The aviation industry has a shortage of staff after thousands were laid off during the pandemic, which paralysed the sector for months.

It is now struggling to recruit workers while demand is rebounding and summer travel approaches. The sector blames the authorities for not accelerating the vetting process for new airport and airline recruits.

Airlines for Europe, which represents EU airlines, predicted the problem would continue “for a good chunk of the summer season”.

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