By Kenneth Peace Masikoro

The Executive Director for Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice, Rev David Ugolor on Friday called on the good people of Edo to elect a governor that has the yearnings of the people at heart.

Rev Ugolor who spoke to easitimes news from his office in Benin urges all well meaning Edo people to vote for a Governor who understands the language of the common masses and a Governor who will bring about rapid development to the state in every ramifications.

He emphasized on the need for every tax payer in Edo state to be updated in their payment and those coming into office should also be updated and whatsoever that was realised as tax money would be used for the development of the state not going to individual purses.

Rev Ugolor, who stated that he is not in support of any political party rather his interest is base on the general well being of Edo people and that is willing to work with any Governor that emerges from any party.

In conclusion,Ugolor urges every one to come out in large crowd to exercise their franchise and prays for the success of the election and also prayed for God to grant who ever emerge as the winner the wisdom to govern and carry the good people of Edo state along.

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