Social media can’t end your relationship, says actress Anita Joseph

Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph-Olagunju has noted that posting pictures of one’s partner online can’t lead to a break in the relationship.

The actress said this in an Instagram post on Friday, as she shared a picture of herself and her husband, Fisayo Olagunju, popularly known as MC Fish.

In her post, Anita noted that any relationship that was meant to be broken would break, whether it was shared on social media or not.

Her post was in response to a fan who told Olagunju that her marriage would crash because she always shared pictures and videos of herself and her husband on social media.

Anita wrote, “Marriage is meant to be enjoyed not endured. Immediately you start to endure, then it is time to leave.

“Posting your partner on social media can not and will not break your marriage or relationship. What will break will break and what will spoil, will spoil ….Whether you show it off on SM or not.”

The actress also pointed out that some people who didn’t show off their relationship on social media still encountered breakup.

“But some with Low iQ will blame SM for everything . You’re praying and waiting for my marriage to break yet your Life is a messless mess,” she said.

Anita added that God would shock all those waiting for her marriage to crash.

This was not the first time that the actress had addressed those who wanted her marriage to fail.

In January, the actress had also replied to critics who spoke ill of her marriage.

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