Ahead of the June 24 general election in Sierra Leone, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo will be leading the Commonwealth group to observe the poll.

The Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Patricia Scotland disclosed this, adding that the Vice President has accepted to chair the Commonwealth Observer Group.

“I am grateful to Yemi Osinbajo for accepting my invitation, to undertake this important area of our work in deepening democracy across our Commonwealth — despite his busy schedule and overseeing a seamless transition of his government.

“As a senior statesman from the region, Osinbajo understands in depth the challenges across West Africa and I am confident he will lead a brilliant team,” Scotland said.

Notable persons from the legal, media, gender and election administration professions would be joining Osinbajo from across the Commonwealth to execute the responsibilities.

Part of the responsibilities of the COG is to examine if there are conditions that exist for credible, transparent, inclusive, and fair elections.

Also, the group would also examine the media if it is impartial in its reportage of the electioneering process.

In his appreciation, Osinbajo said, “I’m highly honoured by the unique opportunity to continue to bring my expertise and experience in contributing to deepening democracy, especially in Africa, and the Commonwealth by extension.”