By Lazarus Zakaa, Abuja.

The Action Democratic Party, ADP has expresses concern over the Federal Government’s signing of a new 6-year electricity roadmap agreement to last till 2025 with Siemens, a German firm.

The Party wish to point out that based on Nigeria’s previously documented failed deliveries, something of this magnitude ought to have been properly designed with needed specifications and reputable companies not less than three should have been invited to bid a project of this volume, whereby the lowest responsive bidder emerge as a winner.

According to the statement released by the party chairman Yabagi Yusuf Sani said the Federal Government has not made available details of the process that led to the selection of Siemens as the apparent choice, if a due process was ascertained, it should be publicly disclosed to the satisfaction of all tax payers and Nigerians alike.

Siemens should spell out how they intend to effectively rectify Nigeria’s electrical Achilles heel for so many years which has been the transmission, distribution and metering to consumers.

Furthermore, it should be spelt out how this contractor (Siemens) will be different from all previously chosen contractors and how they intend to address issues spelt out above. He said.

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