Kayode to electorate: blame Governors not federal government


…the constitution give them enough Powers

Zakaa Lazarus, Abuja.

The former Deputy Managing Director of Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB), and people’s Democratic Party, PDP governorship aspirant in Ekiti state, Mr. Kayode Adaramodu on Wednesday at the residence of former Director General, NAFDAC, Paul orhii, says the Governors should be blamed for the current challenges bedevilling the country and not the federal government as being perceived.

Kayode, who witness the presentation of nomination form to the former NAFDAC Boss said the constitution have given the state governnors enough power to take care of their communities as state executives.

“Most of the time we focus our attention on Abuja forgetting that the constitution have given so much powers to our governors to develop their individual localities”.

“So if we have a performing governor in Benue state, Ekiti, another one in kogi you will discover that Nigeria is moving forward”.

He strongly blame the electorate for allowing the Political class to accumulate the Nigerian problem over years.

“Who are the people making these mistakes? largely we the voters. Some people ignorantly blame politicians accusing them of capitalizing on the poverty level of our people. But on the other side, when people make up their minds, there are a lot they can do.

“We most tell the money thirst politicians that enough is enough”.

“No one goes to the babber without finding out if that babber is capable. Because we are concerned with the kind of cut that will want. Now if a babber make mistakes in cutting your hair, how long will it take the hair to come up again”.

“Therefore the question is, if we can pay attention to as minor as hair cut where an error down in cutting it can be corrected in a month, how much is the issue of governance”.

He said voters Education is very important and need sustainable efforts to guide the electorates to choose good leaders in the country as next general election approaches.

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