Interim government under any guise will be resisted – Nigerian Diaspora

Interim government under any guise will be resisted – Nigerian Diaspora

By: Our Correspondent

The Nigeria Diaspora Academics United Kingdom/Ireland and Campaign for Democracy (CD) United Kingdom/Ireland have warned that any attempt to establish an interim government under any guise to overthrow Nigeria’s current democracy and rule of law will be met with stiff resistance.

In a statement made available to the media in Kaduna on Wednesday, April 12th, 2023, Akeem Dan Farauta, the President of the groups, stated that such moves would have damaging consequences, be grievous, and ultimately result in the incineration of the country.

The statement further noted that the DSS recently floated the idea of an interim government to test if it would gain the support of Nigerians. Such a proposition is evil, originating from the pit of hell, and a fascist tendency that undermines our collective intelligence as a people.

“Such thinking, coming from any quarters, is archaic, retrogressive, perverse, inimical, and tantamount to taking the country backwards into a state of abyss. This humdrum proposition stands condemned in its entirety and will be repelled by Nigerians, both at home and in the diaspora, with a high propensity of force if attempted.

“Nigeria’s democracy is still very much in its organic state and should be respected and allowed to evolve to maturity. The current democratic platform, although operated by amateur politicians, both serving and retired military juntas, still provides the best platform for managing our diversity and political differences.

“Therefore, any politician with fascist tendencies should be repelled. Nigeria is not a jungle and will not be ruled by brute force. Nigerians have persevered and fought with their lives on the line to institutionalize democracy in Nigeria, and we are still resolutely committed to this democracy and are ready to defend it once more with our lives,” the statement reads.

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