Insecurity: Sponsors are those calling for Buhari’s resignation, Sack of Service chiefs -ELFON


Zakaa Lazarus, Abuja.

A group saddled with the mandate of defending the unity of Nigeria; the Emerging Leaders Forum of Nigeria (ELFON) has insisted that insecurity in Nigeria is politicized desperadoes, but that the Nigerian Armed forces under President Muhammadu Buhari has the capacity to end the insecurity in Nigeria.

The Emerging Leaders reaction as contained in a 2 page communique released on Monday night while responding to a group of acclaimed Northern elders on incidents across the country.

The National President of ELFON and Convener of Project Unity Nigeria; Godstime Chukwubuikem Samuel, in a statement said the Emerging Leaders share the concerns of all well-meaning Nigerians.

The ELFON President warned against politicising the situation, adding that citizens’ duty to Nigeria should outweigh political affiliation.
Godstime said the so called Northern Elders calling for President Buhari’s resignation and sack of service chiefs receive security briefings and should know that divisive rhetorics can only embolden the criminals carrying out cowardly acts.

“This is not the time to play to the gallery, but sit down to find real and lasting solutions. The latter is what the President Buhari administration is doing”, he noted.

The ELFON President confirmed that “high-level investigations are ongoing to fish out sponsors and perpetrators of the security incidents of which 50% of them are fanned by the set of political hawks speaking through those calling for Mr.President’s resignation and change of service chiefs”.

We advise that President Buhari makes available morale boosting tools, body language, funds followed by a marching order to security service heads to check the spate of attacks nationwide.

“We pray that Mr. President and Armed forces does not fall for conspiracies by desperate power mongers to weaken the government in furtherance of their desperate 2023 aspirations”, the statement read.

Godstime expressed confidence that Emerging Leaders Forum of Nigeria and all stakeholders will support ongoing efforts to permanently end insecurity in Nigeria.

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