I will Train and Empower You with Starter Packs in Three Weeks Time. Olaifa Tells Constituents


By Raphael Jov Abuja.

The Honourable Member, representing the people Egbado North/Imeko Afon Federal Constituency, Ogun State, Hon. OLAIFA Jimoh Aremu (OJA) says he will train and empower his constituents with starter packs.

Hon. Aremu who made the disclosure while receiving an award of excellence in his chambers at the National Assembly complex by the members of the Coalition of Online Media Association of Nigeria (COMAN) said,
” Very soon hopefully in the next three weeks maximum I will do my empowerment programme for my constituent, where some gadgets will be distributed, like grounding machines, hair dressing equipments tailoring machines generating sets for those who are doing some little business, because of shortage of power supply”

The federal law maker who pledged not to lie to his constituents also noted that his people should expecting more development in the constituency.

“They should be expecting what I have promised them during my campaign and visits, and one of it which is empowering the Youths,getting them trained in some skills that will make their lives much better and which I have been doing, and I promised them rural electrification via provision of transformers, which I also been doing and it is still on going, I promised them tertiary institutions because the whole of my federal constituency with exception of a campus in my home town Olabisi university which is been run belatically, which is been run the way it’s not supposed to be run,apart from that there no way the whole of my federal constituency where you can see any post secondary school institution, before the expiration of my four year tenure at least we will give a bill pass into law that will established a tertiary institution in that constituency which we already working on, I have my bill which is on the floor almost passing the second reading that will established of a national border academy which will be sited at Imeko which is the headquarters of the second local government I am representing, already I have a bill which have gazetted for second reading and it is the proposed amendment to the pension act 2014, that one has even gone viral on social media and there is a pressure mounted on me by the stakeholders, because I ask the bill should the issue of what a retiree will take as lonesome immediately upon retirement, what is in the current act is 25% and which has mostly adopted by states that already key into the CPS, that is contributory pension scheme”. He said.

When asked during an interaction how he feels been awarded as a result of his outstanding performance, Honourable Olaifa had this to say;

“well I couldn’t have feel otherwise than be highly honoured.
Awards is not a regular occurrence,and it is not meant for almost everybody, you must have taken time to go into some research before you have arrive on this conclusion that okay let’s go and give so and so person, so I feel honoured.

Even though am not always entice by awards, I have collect even more than enough as a labour leader, I have collected many back in Lagos state, I don’t have enough space to display it. So are still parked in Canton. But then if you offer me this type of a thing why should reject it, my PA has been on my neck, that these people are so special, they not among the people who sell awards.

This award I might be the only one that values it, my people back home don’t know the value of wards,they ask you Honorable will this one bring money to my pocket? Or if the ward will food on their tables. I don’t blame then that is what they are use to.

Those who were here before me they read them well, they knew then,
And are playing along with them,but i have insisted by my assumption of office, that the Peruvian shift must be there, we must have to stop this syndrome of business as usual,so my style is quite difference with them, they are not finding it easy, I must confess and I know, for example, you can imagine people coming around to tell you that you are too truthful, what could be more embracing than that, that I tell the truth too much, i should try to be telling lies, I will say tell lies me? I wouldn’t do that for any amount, I wouldn’t tell lies. I like to tell people what you should hear, not what you want to hear.

I may not be popular as at the time I’m telling you the truth, but later the person will come and bow, that yes oo you did said this so and so time, because I told them then that don’t worry, the way out is don’t when we move out for our campaigns when it reach at the point of telling lies, you can tell lies on my behalf, so that when the time comes for them to demand for the things you have promised them, and you are unable to provide it, if they come to me I will ask them who told you that, did you hear it from my mouth?go and meet the mouth who promised you stadium or airport, the money has been given to him, ask him where he has taken the money too, and I will put him into trouble” he explained.

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