Human rights activist appeals to President Tinubu to be sensitive to  Nigerians needs 

Human rights activist appeals to President Tinubu to be sensitive to  Nigerians needs


By: Femi  Mustapha



A  United  Kingdom  based human rights activist, Akeem Dan Farauta has appealed to President Bola Tinubu  to be sensitive to the sensibilities of Nigerians and put people first before profit on the matter of fuel subsidy removal.


He  stated this in a statement made available to the media in Kaduna  on 3rd June, 2023


According to him, what Nigerians need at this time is succour  from the crafty dictatorial hard grip on them by Buhari administration.


He warned that President Tinubu hit the ground running approach is heating up the polity and deliberately shielding the Buhari government from all the political and socioeconomic atrocities committed during their  eight years in power


He  added  that  this  brought the country as of today to a state of comatose and abysmal as can be seen evidence on the level of perfidious excruciating poverty infestations on ordinary citizens of Nigeria cutting across north south east and west of the country.


” Mr President Bola Ahmed Tinubu the good you can do for Nigerians now is to respond to their felt need which is to alleviate their suffering by providing food and security then the Muslim Muslim ticket of yourself and your Vice will make sense.


“With the level of decadence resulting from hunger and poverty in the land, even If it’s Devil Devil ticket that will make life more meaningful for Nigerians at this time Nigerians are ready to follow them.”the  statement reads

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