How bipolar disorder, rumoured domestic violence marred Chacha Eke-Faani’s marriage

Popular Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke Faani, recently announced the end of her once-admirable marriage to movie director, Austin Faani, for the second time in two years.

The nine-year marriage, which produced four children, has been marred by various issues including the first marriage split announcement in 2020.

In this piece, Easitimes highlights the multiple divorce announcements, rumoured domestic violence, and bipolar disorder diagnosis that has marred the actress’s marriage.

The happy beginning

In 2009, movie director, Austin Faani, met Chacha Eke on the set of a movie and thus their love story began. The love blossomed over the years and they got married in 2013.

The couple, who was admired by many, is blessed with three daughters and a son.

Rumoured domestic violence

The controversy began in the actress’ marriage when she announced a split from her husband for the first time.

In October 2020, the actress, in a now-deleted video on Instagram, announced that she was done with her marriage.

She said, “Some people say I am crazy but I am not and I am doing this video to let the whole world know that I am done with the marriage.

“I don’t have a lot to prove that I am done with him but am done. I’m leaving with my life finally. I can’t say a lot now but you will hear my story.”

Her announcement led to the rumours that she suffered domestic violence in the marriage.

Bipolar disorder

A few days after the announcement, the actress made a U-turn and debunked the domestic violence claim in a video, stating that her husband has neither beat her nor ever raise his voice at her.

She said, “Five days ago I made a video saying that my marriage to Austin Faani is over. That video came with a lot of backlash from people, with many insinuating that it was a clear case of domestic violence. It’s not.

“Austin has never raised his hand at me. he has never even raised his voice at me. And God in heaven knows that’s the truth. I’m here at First Delta American Hospital, Asaba receiving treatment. Several psychiatrists have come to access me mentally and I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.”

Bipolar disorder is a mental condition that causes extreme mood swings that include depression or elation.

Amid the controversy, the actress welcomed their fourth child in 2021.

Second divorce announcement

It was a tragic turn of events when the actress again announced her marriage crash in June 2022, adding that she didn’t want to die or go missing.

In the announcement titled, ‘Leave now or leave as a corpse’, Chacha also apologised to her fans for “living a lie” in her marriage.

She said, “Many have died pretending all is well whilst wishing, hoping and praying for a better tomorrow. I don’t want to ‘die’ or go inexplicably ‘missing’. True to random speculations, there has been trouble in my ‘perceived paradise’.

“For the second time in two years, I am here again on social media boldly declaring that I am done with my marriage.”

Following her announcement, celebrities and fans have said words of prayer for the actress.

Austin Faani, however, has remained silent on the controversy which had trailed his marriage for almost two years.

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