Group Vows to Give Ashiru and Ayuba 120,000 Votes in Chikun

Group Vows to Give Ashiru and Ayuba 120,000 Votes in Chikun

By Femi Mustapha

The Kaduna State PDP Mobilization Group, a political support group canvassing votes for the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in Kaduna, has promised to deliver 120,000 votes for Ashiru and Ayuba across the twelve Wards of Chikun LGA during the 2023 gubernatorial election, which is scheduled for March 18th, 2023.

Hon. Stephen Katung, who is the Convener of the Group and the Youth leader of the PDP Chikun LGA, disclosed this at a one-day Youth and Women sensitization program at Sabon Tasha organized by the group on Thursday in Kaduna. He noted that women and youth under the auspices of the group were determined to deliver massive votes for Ashiru and Ayuba across the twelve Wards of Chikun LGA of Kaduna State.

Hon Victor Bobai, who is the Co-convener of the Group and also the Assistant Director, Media and Publicity in charge of Social Media in the Kaduna State PDP Campaign Directorate, emphasized that the mission is simply to ‘think Kaduna first; do Ashiru and Ayuba first; and act PDP first,’ so that whatever the youth and women do today, tomorrow, and in the future should be all about protecting the integrity and interest of Kaduna state first.

He said, “Ashiru and Ayuba will not only bring stability and prosperity to Kaduna state but will also bring sustainable growth so we can usher in the fabrication of a new generation of political, business, and economic leaders, manufacturing opportunities, build new enterprises, provide social infrastructures, mentor new entrepreneurs, and strengthen the small and medium-scale enterprises which are the bedrock of any serious and successful country.”

Hon. Katung and Victor Bobai further explained why Ashiru and Ayuba should be voted into power. The PDP stakeholders mentioned that “It is too late to fail. The success of Kaduna is non-negotiable, and the Nigerian dream must be realized from Kaduna first, whether those people who voted Peter Obi or Tinubu during the last general election, both have the right to a decent life and an opportunity to actualize his or her dreams if Ashiru and Ayuba are elected.”

“We have suffered way too much in the hands of the APC administration under governor Elrufai and Senator Uba Sani. This issue of kidnapping and economic hardship is way too much.”

“We do not have any other state that we can call our own apart from Kaduna state. The social deprivation, the economic starvation, the insecurity, and lack of unity, ‘Haba,’ enough is enough!”

“Ashiru is the most detribalized and most experienced governorship candidate who knows the way, can relate, and can enter all 23 LGAs in Kaduna, and he will be accepted, largely acknowledged and probably has touched a life or two there regardless of tribe, religion, creed, or ethnicity,” they said.

The conveners promised to organize another sensitization meeting on Saturday the 11th and Thursday the 16th to further urge the electorates to be sensitive and shun any form of violence or abuse on election day, cast their votes orderly, and remain peaceful.

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