Fans, celebs divided over financial status of Toyin Abraham’s husband

Actress and producer, Toyin Abraham, has said she would not allow anyone talk down on her husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi. This comes after many stated that she bought his latest vehicle, a Lexus SUV, for him. She had earlier shared a picture of the vehicle, congratulating her hubby. This was followed with congratulatory messages from some of her colleagues in the entertainment industry, including Kunle Remi, Kehinde Bankole, Beverly Osu, Femi Adebayo, Uche Ogbodo, Linda Osifo and Iyabo Ojo.

While some congratulated Abraham for the new vehicle, some stated that she must have bought it herself, while making it seem like her husband bought it.

In response to comments insinuating that she bought the vehicle, Abraham said, “(My husband) is a very hard-working man and he is doing a lot for me and the kids. Do not ridicule his hard work and what he stands for. Everything he has, he’s worked for with his own sweat and he deserves it.”

The fans of the couple were also not left out as they sent in congratulatory messages. Kemity posted, “Congratulations, egbon mi (my elder brother). More keys, more congratulations coming this year, Kolawole Ajeyemi.”

Ifetemi wrote, “I like it when men are winning on low key. That dude is made on his own but people have been thinking he is living off his wife.”

Ademurewa commented, “Some people are so stupid (not) to know that when a husband and wife work in unity, everything will fall into place for them. Grow up from that rubbish mentality. Must we bring negativity to everything? Can’t we just be positive for once? After all, he works. He is not lazy. The wife might be richer but does that mean he cannot also afford it? It’s very annoying seeing people drop nonsense comments. Leave them alone and be happy for them.”

Consequently, Abraham made a post addressing naysayers. She wrote, “I don’t usually do this and I am only going to address this once and I hope this ends here. People need to stop this mentality that famous people or the more famous ones are the richest in their families or even friendships. Just because some people do not like to blow their own horns doesn’t mean they should be seen as less or incapable.

“I am the last born of my family and you’d think I am the richest because I am famous, but that is far from the truth. It is 2022, please. We need to do better and stop this ill mannered mentality. Celebrate people without trying to pitch them against another person, ridicule their hard work, or give credit to another. It is so old and needs to stop.

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