Elder Ben Oghumu and Hon Sylvester Okoro; Two Chairmen On Same Mission of Re-Branding Orhionmwon Politics

Over the years, Orhionmwon local goverment have been decribed as the most backward local government even when same have paraded the best brains in previous administrations. Sadly, those stone age brought us bad roads, lack of infrastructure development and social amenities. Unresolved political crises and total neglect of intellectuals with the capacity to deliver especially from the younger generation.

Today Orhiomwon parades two administrative giants that is surely taking us to the height of development.

The emergence of Elder Ben Oghumu as the Orhionmwon All Progressive Congress Party Chairman have seen party politics refined and a straight adoption of the Botton-Up approach.  He is man who  reaches out to his team and leaders of the party before decision are taken. Our fine party Chairman remains the most accessible Orhionmwon have ever had.

Today we have a party chairman who have for the very first time in the history of Orhionmwon seen youths inclusiveness in leadership positions. Under his amaible watch, Orhionmwon local goverment parades the youngest elected and appionted persons in government.

For Hon. Sylvester Okoro, we are watching keenly how  he’s working trielessly to eredicate poverty in our land. Hon Okoro in his short time in office as the Executive Chairman of Orhionmwon have attracted various experts within and outside Orhionmwon to train our people on various skills and equipping them on self-sustainability.

Hon. Sylvester Okoro have also taken security as top priority as he constantly engages  community elders and security personnels on way out of communal crisis. We are aware of his quick response to the herdmens crisis in Abudu and Iguelaba communities just to mention a few.

Indeed, its a new dawn in Orhionmwon as Elder Ben Oghumu and Hon. Sylvester Okoro have decided to join hands togther to liberate Orhionmwon from the hands of political vegetable and YESTERDAY MEN.

*A New Orhionmwon Is Possible.*

*Deacon Okunbor Jonathan is the APC Publicity Secretary Aibiokunla Ward One of Orhionmwon LGA*

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