Atiku Woos Abuja Indigenes, Promises Entitlements, Security

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar promised to make life better for Nigerians and to ensure Nigerian universities do not go on strike if elected president.

Speaking to PDP supporters on Saturday at the party’s presidential rally held at Eagle Square, Abuja, the former vice president promised to release all entitlements of Abuja indigenes through the constitutional review.

Atiku praised the loyalty of PDP supporters in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), saying the party did not take it for granted.

“We have no reason to believe you won’t support us again,” he said. “We are here to pledge that if you support us, we will give you all your entitlements, appointments and other demands, including constitutional review.

“In the process of restructuring, we will give you all what belongs to you. PDP will fulfil all the obligations to you. We are not taking your loyalty for granted. We will pay back but not with hunger and insecurity,” he said.

On security, Atiku vowed to secure the nation’s capital if elected.

“We shall protect and secure Abuja for your own safety. You know my five-point agenda, I will unify the county; no part of the country will be left untouched. Peace for everyone. These I promise you,” he said.

Atiku tackled the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) over the eight-month strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), saying the nation’s universities would never experience strike for ever.

“We have promised education is key for everyone, we will make our universities remain open forever,” he said.

The former vice president further promised the crowd that Abuja would be the first to feel the impact of the government.

Solutions To The Nigeria’s Problems

Earlier, the PDP vice presidential candidate, Ifeanyi Okowa, in his address, noted that the party was stronger than it had ever been in the FCT.

“We need to rescue our people from where the APC has left us. We must work together with youths, women and elders to collectively steer the ship of this country to safe harbour.

“The people are tired of the APC government, they are angry and hungry. Nigeria requires a man with experience to rescue the country and Atiku is the only candidate that has solutions to the problems of this country,” Okowa stated.

On his part, PDP chairman, Iyorchia Ayu accused the APC of creating so much poverty that NIgeria had become the “most borrowed country in the world.”

“Atiku will continue from where he left off under Obasanjo. We don’t want a president that will deceive you, an experimental president.

“Insecurity has bedeviled the country especially the FCT, if Atiku is voted he will restore security to the country,” Ayu said.

Director General of the Atiku/Okowa Presidential Campaign Council, Aminu Tambuwal said the party’s standard bearer had experience and was familiar with the people.

““I am sure you know who the cap fits. This team is being led by the unifier, and he is prepared for the unification the country from restructuring to infrastructure. I urge you all to vote the PDP from bottom to top,” he said.

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