Arin, Peace discuss possible ‘ships’ in BBNaija S6 house

Two female Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemates, Arin and Peace, played detective in the house as they discussed possible ships among housemates.

In BBNaija, ‘ship’ describes a romantic relationship or close friendship between a male and a female housemate.

In their discussion, monitored by our correspondent, Arin and Peace discussed fellow housemates and their love interests.

Arin told Peace that she suspected Saskay was discussing her love interests with Saga. Peace said she approached Saskay and the latter revealed that she was discussing Yousef.

“Yousef likes her,” Peace told Arin, who added that Jaypaul also liked Saskay. According to Peace, she feels that Saga also likes Saskay on a lowkey but appears to be closer to Nini.

Arin, however, said Saskay spent the entire day with Jaypaul and spent the entire evening with Yousef.

Referring to Saskay, Peace said, “I think Cross likes her as well but Cross is unpredictable.”

Peace added, “Saskay said she’ll just keep turning all their heads, including Cross. The other time she played a game, they asked who she liked and she said Jaypaul. In another game, she said Yousef. Anyway, she told me that in the next game, she’ll mention Cross.”

Moving away from Saskay, Arin said, “Boma told me that Cross said he liked me from the first two days.”

She also revealed that Sammie told her that one of the guys in the house also has likings for her.

The duo, however, concluded that all the guys are simply playing games with the ladies in the house and Peace said that they would all play the game together.

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