2023: I Will Develop Benue, Stop Insecurity ~ Engr. Icheen

Zakaa Lazarus, Abuja.

A governorship candidate of People’s Redemption Party (PRP),  Engr. Levi Lumun Icheen, on Thursday said, his administration will focus on security and the wellbeing of Benue people when elected as the next governor of the state.

Icheen made the declaration when he received his certificate of return to contest in the forthcoming governorship election at the PRP national Secretariat in Abuja.

In his words: “For us there are three key things we need to do, first we need to unite the Benue people, the first task when we ascent the thrown of governance by his grace we will unite the people, when we unite the Benue people we  can now security our people.

“For us to over come the challenges of insecurity in the state we have to ensure that Benue people are united at the state level.

“Once we secure Benue it will be very easy for us to develop Benue, I think  this is the three basic cardinal point i am standing on.

Engr. Levi Icheen, however expressed satisfaction with the  outcome of  his party primaries saying: “For me this is a joyous moment my happiest moment, because it is victory for me and also victory for Benue people, not just victory for myself  but victory for the downtrodden, those that are looking up to me for good governance, for me is a victory for PRP.

Responding  to security challenges in the state he said: ” For me we have two kind of insecurity in Benue, the internal and external insecurity, for us to successfully deal with external security we have to first of all dear with the internal security, we have to created a enabling environment for everybody to be engage, those that are engaged by politician to commit crime will be engage we will create a vocational activities  for those who can not afford formal education, by so doing will lift so many people from the street, we have to do it the informal way, we will give them a sense of belonging, give them job by so doing we will reduce insecurity to the minimum, when next people want to  use them for thuggery activities they will not be able to see them.

“For external security we will develop and install drones to ungoverned areas, unmanned security severance, real time security,” he said.

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